Turning Stainless Steel

In February, we received a special request from one of our German customer who is engaged in production of valves and components for LPG. The request was to produce a series of articles, which were usually produced CW617N brassstainless steel AISI 304 and AISI 316L. Our technical department is activated promptly to assess their feasibility and change the production cycle. After these evaluations showed that to create these items turned stainless steel, we had to change the model of sliding headstock and use of specific equipment for this material. These changes resulted in an increase in costs and processing times, so we have taken steps to inform the customer immediately by sending a new offer. After receiving the order confirmation, we proceeded to the realization of some samples, and after a test by the office quality were found to be compliant according to our customer's specifications. Given the positive results of the sampling, we received an order of 10,000 pieces for each item. After a week we immediately started series production, without detecting the particular issues relevant material change. With the ability of Turning Cavagna Renato Srl to work a wide range of materials, we were able to work actively for the creation of new valves with a high content of technology, which will allow our customer to secure new markets.